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Dengeki Daisy
Status Completed
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Dengeki Daisy

When Teru's older brother died, she was left with little higher than the usual cellphone featuring the text-tackle of an evasive character named DAISY, who Teru's brother had informed her her would "support her when he was no longer able to." DAISY became Teru's pillar of power, during the the next couple of years as she faces her existence alone, as he sent her motivating words through his telephone number, whether inspiring or just chatter. One day, after bullies in the student council are strangely driven away, Teru inadvertently breaks a school window, which results in her employed by the grouchy, unkind school janitor named Tasuku Kurosaki. As Teru starts working for the college janitor that is unlikable, her emotions start to surpass that of master and servant and she starts to challenge the authentic identity of DAISY. So starts an improbable friendship between A - 16-year old high-school girl along with a sly but bright 24-year old guy. Teru Kurebayashi A 16-year old high-school pupil, Teru is a strong willed and kind woman who's alone after her older brother dies. She's made simply having a mobile phone that her brother gave her links her to DAISY, who becomes the supply of help and encouragement of Teru through e-mail messages. Despite never meeting him face to face, Teru h-AS complete trust in him (even though she does not have have romantic feelings for him). When she inadvertently breaks a window, Teru is driven to become the "servant" of the college janitor, Kurosaki Tasuku, to spend it away. Teru's once unfavorable feelings towards Kurosaki develop into something more intimate as the manga advances. Nevertheless, she becomes suspect the telephone her brother left her may be more than it seems and that Kurosaki is actually DAISY. Rate this story

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