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! ("Game King") is a Japanese manga series about gambling composed and illustrated by Kazuki Takahashi. It was serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine between March 8, 2004 and September 30, 1996. The storyline follows the narrative of a boy named Yugi Mutou, who solves the Millennium Puzzle that is early, and awakens a gaming alterego within his body that solves his disagreements using various games.   ! tells the story of Yugi Mutou, a shy young lad who loves a variety of games, but is frequently intimidated about. One day, he solves an ancient artifact called the Millennium Puzzle (Sennen Pazuru?), causing his body to play host to a cryptic spirit with the character of a gambler. From that moment onwards, whenever Yugi or one of his buddies is endangered by those with darkness in their own hearts, this other Yugi reveals himself and challenges them to dangerous Shadow Games (Yami no muo, lit. "Games of Darkness") which show the real nature of someone else's heart, the losers of these competitions regularly being subjected to a black punishment called a Penalty Game (Batsu Gomu?). Whether it's dice, cards or role playing games, he'll take on difficulties from anybody, anyplace. Yugi and his friends discover that this man in of his puzzle is in fact the heart of a nameless Pharaoh from Egyptian times who'd lost his recollections as the show progresses. As Yugi and his comrades try to help the Pharaoh recover his memories, they are going through many trials as they wager their lives facing off against gamers that wield the cryptic Millennium Items (Sennen Aitemu?) and the black power of the Shadow Games.   Yugi Mutou (Muto Yugi) is a character in the . Here is the first characterization of Yugi Mutou.   Yugi was a shy lad, who invested time and had been often intimidated. Yet through getting several mostly Dark Yugi buddies, Anzu Mazaki, Katsuya Jonouchi, Hiroto Honda and Ryo Bakura, he beat his difficulties becoming much more separate and more powerful. After fixing the Millennium Puzzle, Yugi unknowingly shared his physique the heart of an amnesiac early Egyptian Pharaoh, Dark Yugi, who shield his buddies and Yugi throughout using Shadow Games. Yugi became conscious of Dark Yugi, when he confronted Death- a theme-park created by by Seto Kaiba to destroy the Yugis, T, and fulfilled with Dark Yugi for the very first time, when Dark Bakura and his physique split Yugi's consciousness in a-game of Monster World.   Yugi assisted in winning the Duelist Kingdom tournament Dark Yugi, to save his grandpa. He re-assembled the Millennium Puzzle in the burning building to stop from losing Dark Yugi and conquered Ryuji Otogi in Dungeon Dice Monsters by himself. Collectively the Battle City tournament was won by the Yugis.   When they entered the World of Memories, the Yugis were distinguished. There Yugi assisted Dark Yugi re-learn overcome Zorc Necrophades, Atem, and his title. Yugi conquered Atem in the Ceremonial Battle, a rite required for Atem to move to the afterlife when they came back to real life. Other manga:
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